Design Council – inclusive design Lotta Vaananen


inclusive design for disabled homeworkers


brief 1
Identify the elements required to create a small home office in a particular space – desk, chair, computer monitor, telephone, storage etc.
2/ Plan, sketch and model a customised home office for a) Christopher Reeve b) David Blunkettc) Robbie Williams or d) your grandmother.
3/ Take one item from your home office and work it up into a 3D physical artefact.

brief 2
Look at how work tools and objects are stored in the home.
2/ Select a particular physical or visual disability and research its effects.
3/ Design a storage unit or system that can be used easily by a person with the particular disability you have chosen to study.

brief 3
Take a friend or relative. Visit and observe them spending time in their home.
2/ Document through interviews, sketches, photography and video how they interact with their environment.
3/ Design a site-specific piece of furniture for your friend or relative, install it in the space and solicit feedback.

brief 4
Think about the growing numbers of disabled people who could be part of the UK workforce via use of information technology.
2/ Develop a website that acts as a portal for disabled people to access useful information on working from home, including links to disability organisations.
3/ Try to make the website inclusive in terms of use by those with visual impairments such as colour blindness.

viaDesign Council – inclusive design Lotta Vaananen.


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